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  • An industry leader in reliability, speed, and performance
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  • High security with advanced firewall and intrusion detection software
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We offer the most reliable and secure web servers in the industry for the most reasonable prices, and without all the hype and deceptive practices of other companies. Our goal is to provide the best hosting environment possible for our clients' web sites, and we continue to provide the highest level of service possible, while at the same time, continue to improve and enhance the benefits our customers receive.


My current hosting company is cheap but my site is really slow. Why is that?

Exactly! As technology has developed, hard drive capacity has substantially increased. This means hosting companies can load hundreds of web sites onto a single server, making them lots of money! But the end result is every web site on that server is competing for processor and memory resources with all those other sites. This results in sluggish performance and frequent server crashes. This will never happen at Happy Dog Hosting! We limit the number of sites on each of our servers to maintain an optimal load, and this provides the fastest page loads possible for our clients' web sites.

I've seen some hosting companies offer accounts for as little as $8.99 with 200 gigabytes of space. Why don't you offer that?

Because we are an honest hosting company! The truth is, these unscrupulous companies know you would never use that much space for a standard web site so they entice you with the "more is better" approach to get your business. If a single web site actually took up that amount of space it would fill the entire server! Most web sites usually require less than 200 megabytes of space, not 200 gigabytes!. If you actually tried to fill that 200 gigabytes with files or data you would kindly be asked to close your account or upgrade to a dedicated server for hundreds of dollars more. With Happy Dog, you get exactly what you need with no deceptive advertising. Our hosting accounts are more than generous with plenty of real hard drive space and real bandwidth, on uncrowded, highly secure, lightning fast servers.

I've seen some hosting companies offer 1000 email accounts. Do you offer that?

Well, actually we do, but do you really need 1000 email accounts? Again, their "more is better" marketing scheme is mostly hype and is not based on reality. Anyone can offer you 1000 email accounts but your email account usage is always limited by your hard drive allocation in every case, so it doesn't really matter how many email addresses you are able to have. And if you really need more than 1000 email addreses, just ask. We'll be happy to accomodate your needs.

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